Ask Coach Bobbi - 12 Steps to Self Empowerment

Coach Bobbi is a Self Empowerment & Life Transition Specialist, author of the 12 Steps to Self Empowerment Book, a Coach, Trainer & Radio Presenter.
Ask Coach Bobbi - 12 Steps to Self Empowerment

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12 Steps to Self Empowerment

Many women today are facing a similar challenge. There is a niggling feeling within, a voice, a knowing that they no longer can go on living their life without authenticity.

There is a light within that is glowing, and growing bigger and brighter as each day passes.

Their soul is awakening to their true purpose, their true form and there is an understanding that moving onto their true path is no longer a whim or a daydream, but a necessity for their growth, evolution and existance during their time on earth.

You have two choices. Continue existing or start living.
This time of emergence can be challenging as it is a time of the soul's awakening, letting go of old beliefs, strategies and perhaps certain relationships. It is understanding who we are at core, embracing this identity and standing true and tall in our purpose.

Coach Bobbi specialises in Breakthrough Coaching for WomenTM. Through life coaching, neuro linguistic programming and spiritual intuitive skills, Coach Bobbi takes you on a journey like no other. Through her knowledge of human behavior, combined with Spirit and her 12 Steps to EmpowermentTM, Coach Bobbi will assist you to wake up to your true form – one of empowerment, strength, focus and authenticity.

Embrace your purpose today. It truly is your time to shine.
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