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Business Owners:

Are you missing out?

Local business owners in the Wollongong area are missing out on many potential internet customers.

The phenomenal successes of eBay and other online businesses clearly demonstrate that more and more people are using the internet to find goods and services.

Even though locally bought goods and services have enhanced value due to the fact that local business outlets can more easily and quickly respond to customer needs, it is clear that a sizeable proportion of the population are opting for the internet to find products and services.

It is therefore in the interests of local businesses to develop strategies for tapping into the growing internet marketplace.

Conventional Business Directories?

One simple inexpensive strategy is to list your business on an internet directory.

A problem with this strategy is that internet business directories generally use categories to organise listings. Many businesses don't fit neatly into these predefined categories which are often non-intuitive or too obscure for the average user.


A second strategy is to get a website that can be found via the major search engines.

This option can be expensive. Often you will find that you will need to pay extra for Search Engine Optimisation if you want your site to be seen near the top of the results provided by the major search engines.

Many local website owners, will attest that their sites fail to rank high enough for keywords relevant to their businesses.

The Answer!

Local businesses can now utilize a powerful new cost effective option. provides a user-friendly search engine dedicated to connecting internet users with relevant businesses and other organisations within the Wollongong area (Helensburgh to Gerroa).

With your business doesn't need to fit into any particular category, nor do you need a website designed to outrank thousands of others. You don't even need a website.

By signing up for a listing on, you get to choose keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business and that local internet users will be likely to use in their searches.

How it works

When users type in keywords to search for what they are interested in, a set of results containing listings with matching keywords will be generated.

The more keyword matches, the higher a listing will appear in the results. This is the great strength of keyword search and probably why it is so popular. The higher a listing appears, the more relevant the listing is likely to be to the searchers needs.

All listings on undergo an approval process to make sure they are indeed relevant to the Wollongong area. This constraint ensures that the level of competion on keywords is minimal.

Rather than relying on alphabetical sorting when listings tie with the same number of keyword matches, random sorting is employed ensuring a level playing field.

Standard Listings (FREE)

With a Standard Listing, you get up to 50 keywords of your own choosing plus keywords derived from your business/organisation name, suburb name and postcode.

The search results include:

  • Listing Name
  • Brief Description
  • Phone Number
  • Link to your Website (optional)
  • The name of your business or organisation will also act as a link to a Details Page (as below).

Along with the basic information above, you get a Details Page which includes provision for the following:

What's more, you'll be able to modify your listing at any time!

How to sign up?

If you are interested in signing up for a Standard listing use our simple 'Quick Easy Submit' form to provide the details for your listing and submit it.

Click on the button below to go to our 'Quick Easy Submit' form now!

Gong Special Websites - for just $150 per year

A Gong Special provides you with an easy, no-fuss website that offers incredible value as well as a fully set up standard listing on Yes! You get a fully functional website with a Gong listing for an incredibly low price!!!

The following listings and websites all began life as Gong Specials:

  1. Listing: Miller's Pest Control - Port Kembla Website: Keep your home free of pests
  2. Listing: Port Skips - Port Kembla Website: Skip bins for rubbish removal
  3. Listing: Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning - Unanderra Website: Carpet and upholstery cleaners
  4. Listing: Go2 Automotive - Unanderra Website: Auto Repair Centre
  5. Website: Rat Rod Trucks
  6. Listing: JSC Plumbing - West Wollongong Website: Plumber Wollongong
  7. Website: Lawyers - Wollongong and Nowra
  8. Listing: Illawarra Glass - Unanderra Website: Glass Wollongong
  9. Listing: Dave Collins - Davertainment Website: MC/DJ Wollongong
  10. Listing: ABV Excavations Website: Excavator and Bobcat Hire Wollongong
  11. Listing: Luna Custom Covers - Marine Trimmers Website: Boat Covers - Wollongong
  12. Listing: Marianne O'Connor - Celebrant Website: Marriage Celebrant Wollongong
  13. Listing: Turkish Paradise Restaurant Website: Restaurant Wollongong
  14. Website: Builder Southern Highlands
  15. Listing: Catch Fraze Musical Duo
    Website: Wedding Band Wollongong
  16. Listing: Thin & In Excavations
    Website: Excavation Wollongong
  17. Listing: In The Zone Music
    Website: Music Store Wollongong
  18. Listing: Sawadee Thai Massage
    Website: Massage Wollongong
  19. Listing: Office Furniture
    Website: Aussie 1st Office Furniture
  20. Listing: Wollongong Dentist
    Website: Wollongong Dental

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